What are some useful forums for DJs?

Are there still any DJ forums on the internet?

Can you still find forums which will allow you to post and promote your DJ mixes?

Or has Facebook destroyed them all?

I’m still a big fan of internet forums. Even after all these years, I think they provide a better user experience than Facebook groups.

Why? My main gripe with Flakebook (besides the shitty privacy practices) is that Facebook groups discussions don’t lend themselves to historical research or viewing.

The whole Facebook experience tends to be in the ‘now’. And old information is quickly buried and often hard to retrieve.

This makes Facebook piss poor when you want to research things. Especially if you’re trying to look for old information.

Why DJ’ing Forums Rock

I decided to create this list as many DJ’s and music producers think the days of forums have come and gone.

There’s certainly some truth in this statement. Many big popular forums (which I used to be a member of) have died, whilst others are shadow of their former selves.

However, many still live on and are still growing to this day.

Forums are still a great place to find honest discussions about DJ technology, music, and club scenes. And they’re a fantastic place to find DJ’ing tips and solutions to possible problems.

Also, if you’re buying DJ gear it’s sometimes worth peeking at these forums and searching for the items you want to buy. Doing this can reveal interesting things.

A quick forum search might reveal that your new potential purchase might have bugs or hardware problems. And looking at the manufacturer’s forums can reveal the level of support the manufacturer provides for their products. These things can stop you from making a bad purchase.

How I choose forums for this list

When creating this list my criteria was simple: a DJ forum must be:

  1. Still active.
  2. Free of spam.
  3. Must have at least a few hundred members and some active topics and discussions.

When I talk of spam, I’m not talking about DJ mix spamming. I’m speaking of bots posting ads for drugs, sex, and payday loans, etc.

I find that once the spammers take hold of a forum, and the mods stop removing their posts, the forums start to die. The user experiences will declines ss the spammer’s take control. And people just stop visiting. I’ve seen many good forums croak this way.

Anyways…  Let’s now take a look at some of the most popular DJ’ing forums on the internet.


One of the biggest, oldest, and best DJ’ing forums about is djforums.com – it has over 25000 members.

DJforums.com has a nice set of categories which are well laid out. And most of these categories have a healthy participation by from forum members.

My only gripe about this website is it’s a little difficult to navigate. If you visit the homepage it’s a little unclear where the overview of the forum categories is located. You need to use the breadcrumb navigation to find the overview page. Once there you can see all the parent forums and subcategories.

Aside from my last point, this forum one the best.


There’s no way I could talk about forums without mentioning Reddit.

As with anything else in life, there’s a subreddit for it – including DJ’ing.

If you’re a DJ looking for help, advice or looking for a community, then check out:



And, if you’re like me, and you’re into (or want to learn) scratching then check out:


If you’re just starting out DJ’ing and you’re looking for advice be sure to peek at the /r/beatmatch wiki page. There’s lots of excellent DJ’ing tips on that Wiki page and many beginners questions are answered.

Also, if you’re a DJ whose looking for new tracks, re-edits and fresh artists, be sure to check out some the music genre sub-reddits. These sections can be fantastic way to find fresh and sometime free tracks/re-edits.

If there’s a musical style out there you can guarantee they’ll be a sub reddit out there. There really is something for everyone, no matter what style of music you play.


The popular DJ’ing blog ‘DJTechTools.com’ also runs a popular DJ’ing forum. The forum boasts an impressive number of users: approximately 150,000 members as of writing this article.

The forum is easy to find, to use and to navigate.

The forum is also split into clear and helpful categories too. And the categories (at present) seem to have a steady stream of fresh posts in them.

One thing I do like about this DJ forum is the granularity of the categories. There’s a lot of them. So, it’s a great website to investigate if you’re wanting advice or help on a specific topic.


For DJ’s living in the EU you should check out DJresource.eu.

The forum has been around since 2001. You’ll find posts on this site in English, German and Dutch.

The forum is well laid out and easy to use. However, the frequency of new posts seems to have slowed down over the past 5 years.

It may not be as active as the forums I’ve just previously mentioned, but you can still find some great posts and discussions on this site. Especially, if German or Dutch is your native language.


And on the other side of the world from the above forum, we have AusDJForums. Obviously, this forum is for DJ’s based in Australia.

Unlike some of the other forums I’ve mentioned, you must register with the website to gain full access.

Sections like the beginners DJ’ing tips section and the competition battles are only accessible if you join the website.

However, this DJ forum is completely free to join. They do not require any money for you to become a member. And once you are a member of the website you will be to access these restricted sections.


If you’re a DJ who plays rap, hip-hop, reggae, R&B, Reggaeton this forum is worth looking at. It’s a large forum with around 75,000 members and around 720,000 posts.

The forum is well laid out with dedicated sections for beginner DJs and experts alike. They also have sections dedicated to the music certain music genres.

Like the previous forum, you’ll need to make yourself a member to view any posts in their full entirety. But you can browse and look around sections and post titles without joining.

What Music Production Forums have DJ’ing sections?

Many of the top music production forums have DJ’ing areas where you can ask questions and find advice.

You might not be able to share your DJ mixes on these forums. But you will be able to pick the brain of knowledgeable music producers.

And, if you’re a DJ and artist who’s wanting to get into music production you should check these forums out.


ProSoundWeb.com is a very popular music production forum. As of writing this, the forum has 30,000 members. And it has quite a popular section for DJs.

One of the best things about this forum is that it covers many music equipment industries.

In this forum, you can get answers from professionals who make a living in the music industry. So, there’s a wealth of experience in this forum.

The DJ section might be small (when compared with sections like music production) but there’s always seems to be a steady stream of new posts.


Future produces.com is one of the biggest music production forums online. I think it may only be surpassed by GearSluts in terms of size.

As of writing this article the forum has just under half a million registered users. And it covers a wide-ranging music production technique, hardware-software topics, music business/networking areas, and it has discussions on music which are split by genres.

It also has a dedicated forum for mixing and scratching.

Do any DJ’ing equipment manufacturers have their own forums?

Many DJing gear/software manufacturers have their own forums. Some of these forums are massive whilst others small.

The main aim of these forums is to provide support for the hardware/software that the manufacturer makes and sells. However, many of these forums also have general discussions on topics related to DJing and music production.

Native Instruments Forum

Anybody who is at least a little familiar with DJing software will probably have heard of Native Instruments. They develop Traktor: the massively popular DJing software.

As of writing this article, the NI forum has around 300,000 users. But their forum is also designed to provide support for their other products like Reaktor and NI Komplete.

Rane Serato Forums

If you are looking for support with Rane and Serato products, then check this forum out.

This Rane/Serato forum (IMO) is better than the Native Instruments forum because it’s split up into sections and subgroups. And it also has discussions sections in other languages too.

I was unable to determine the number of users in this forum. But if you look at the number of messages and frequencies of posts the forum seems to have many active users.

The Rane forum is well laid out and very clear to navigate. And if you’re a Rane/Serato user this is a great place for tips, tricks and getting help with Rane products.

Denon DJ forum

Denon is a popular maker of DJing hardware and software. Again, if you’re looking for any support with Denon products is to be the first place to look.

I cannot find any information about the number of users for this forum. But looking at the frequency of forum posts and from looking at the number of posts on the forum – the forum looks active.

The Denon forum also has sections and categories which aren’t related to their products. And these non-Denon sections seem active and well moderated too.

Pioneerdj.com Forums

Pioneer have their own forum which provides dedicated support for their products. Their forums do not have any sections for on non-Pioneer related topics.

As of writing this guide, the forum seems sparsely populated. And it’s hard to gauge how many people use it.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for support for a Pioneer musical item this is the place to look.

Virtualdj.com Forums

Virtual DJ touts itself as the “No1 most popular DJ software for audio video mixing in the world”.

If you need support for Virtual DJ or equipment which supports Virtual DJ, then check out this forum.

Also, the VDJ forum has a couple of additional sections where people can discuss music and other DJing topics. And the forum has support for other languages too.

Mixxx.org Forum

Mixx is a free and open-source DJing software for windows, mac and Linux.

The Mixx forums are relatively small when compared with some of the other forums mentioned in this guide.

But the forum is well moderated, and at present seems to have plenty of users posting questions and asking for advice.

The support for Mixx seems good and user questions seem to get answered quickly.

Mix Vibes Forum

Mix Vibes is a software tool for DJing and beat making. It’s available for Mac and PC, iOS and Android.

The Mix Vibe forum provides support for their program. And the forum allows users to share ideas and advice.

The forum seems well moderated, and there appears a regular amount of new posts from users. And the owners of Mix Vibes appear to answer any questions promptly.

Wrapping Up

So that concludes my list of some of the best DJ forum in 2019-2020.

The next time you’re wanting help or have questions about DJ technology be sure to check out the relevant forums on this list.

A Word of Warning

If you’re trying to get support or advice with an aspect of DJ’ing or product, make sure you check out the FAQs sections first. Or do a site search in the forum to see if your question has already been answered.

Many forum regulars will get mad if you don’t try searching for problems before posting questions.

Doing this should help you posting unnecessary questions which can minimise the abuse from other members and forum users.

And now it’s your turn

Have I missed an important DJ’ing forum? If I have please let me know in the comments below. If it’s any good, I’ll be happy to add it to my list.

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