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What people say about my mixes


Here are a few of the nice things people are saying about my DJ mixes:

“There isn’t much these days musically that makes me as happy as this 75 minutes made me”. – Chris

“Every mix is brilliant. top scratching, ace tunes and I’m now waiting anxiously for a new mix to be delivered. Keep up the mint work” – Martin

“Nice to see someone with passion about all styles of old skool & is will to share (even track listings) & for free.” – Jim

“Great site you have set up here mate. And great choice in tunes. Nothing better than hearing a forgotten gem. keep up the good work” – Mike

“Downloaded this mix last night, and have been listening to it constantly since then. I really like how you have veered away from incorporating the usual old skool anthems” – Lydia

“Just Ace ! love the mixes” – Ian

Please feel free leave a comment any of the mixes on this site. They’re always appreciated, and I stick the best ones on the front page of my site:)

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