So here’s the selection of my top 3 tunes of this week which I’ve been playing repeatedly.

Even though I’m mainly DJ with house music and hip hop, I do listen to a lot of other types of music – old and new.

I’m a big Arcade Fire fan. Loved them ever since their first album Funeral. For some reason BBC6 music (best radio station ever) has been playing this a lot recently. I’d forgotten all about this track.

If I’m ever feeling a little bit down i stick this track on to cheer me up. One of my all time favs. Always puts a smile on my face. What a collaboration this band were. In fact, i mix this track on Oldskool Mix 10 which you can download here.

An absolute classic monster from Nas. I love doing beat juggles with this tune. Always goes down well when played at played at a hip hop night.

DJ Kippax
DJ, turntablist of over 20+ years and proud computer nerds. I love a wide range of music and love my HI-Fi gear.

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