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These DJ mixtapes are full of classic house, trance and techno records from the ’80s, ’90s and the early 2000s.

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Oldskool Mix 11 mp3 (1299 downloads)


Oldskool Mix 11 FLAC (484 downloads)


Oldskool Mashup Mix 3 (1559 downloads)


Oldskool Mix 10 MP3 (11123 downloads)


Oldskool Mix 10 FLAC (1035 downloads)


Oldskool House Mix 9 MP3 (2765 downloads)


Oldskool House Mix 9 FLAC (738 downloads)


Oldskool House Mix 8 MP3 (2849 downloads)


Oldskool House Mix 7 MP3 (2881 downloads)


Oldskool House Mix 6 MP3 (1302 downloads)


Oldskool House Mix 5 MP3 (1333 downloads)


Oldskool House Mix 4 MP3 (1205 downloads)


Oldskool Mix 11

the shoegazing band known as curve

Track listing for Oldschool Mix 11

  1. The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds (Dance Mix)
  2. Curve – Ten Little Girls
  3. New Order – Touched by the Hand of God
  4. Stereo MCs’s – Elevate Your Mind
  5. Iribe Kossa – You Got Me (M.C. D.J. Version)
  6. J.F. Lee – Don’t Make Me Wait (Club Mix)
  7. KLF – 3 A.M. Eternal (Live at the S.S.L.)
  8. Simple Minds – Theme For Great Cities
  9. The Prodigy – Mindfields
  10. KLF – What Time Is Love (Pure Trance Mix)
  11. FPI Project – Rich In Paradise
  12. Finger Light – Heaven (Bass Mix)
  13. Ralphi Rosario Feat Xaviera Gold – You Used To Hold Me (Kenny’s Mix)
  14. Mombassa – Cry Freedom (Malawi Mix)
  15. Ian Brown – F.E.A.R (UNKLE Mix)
  16. Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Original Mix)

Download “Oldskool Mix 11 mp3” DJ Kippax - Oldskool Mix 11.mp3 – Downloaded 1299 times – 183 MB

Download “Oldskool Mix 11 FLAC” DJ Kippax - Oldskool Mix 11.flac – Downloaded 484 times – 543 MB

Bit of different mix this time around. Starts off slow and ends up fast. I also added some weird tracks to this mix. Who says old-school mixes have to be nothing but house or techno music.

I really wanted to try and get Orb’s classic Little Fluffy Clouds onto this mix. It’s a track which you really don’t hear that often on any DJ mixes. I really think the track has aged well.

Because the mix starts with the Orb, this mix starts off slow. So I had a challenge trying to get the mix to speed up so I could start adding more house music later. It meant I had to mix and add some of my stranger tracks from the 90’s.

Added to the mix is the shoegazing classic Curve – Ten Little Girls. I’d forgotten all about this track till recently I heard it on Steve La Mac show on BBC 6 music. It really has that wall of sound feel to it, and again it’s a track that you never really hear much.

Later in the mix you’ll hear Simple Minds – Theme for Great Cities. One of my favourite Simple Minds track. I’ve always thought track was really dancey sounding. It was remixed quite a few years ago and I remember the remix not being half bad.

There’s lots more house music and techno tracks on this mix to boot. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below. I’m always up for a chat and I always respond to comments too.

Enjoy the mix

Oldschool Mashup Mix 3

This mix is a combination of oldskool hip hop, trance, techno, and trance. Tunes range from 80’s to early 2000s. It’s one of my favorite mixes and contains some of my fav tunes.

  1. The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist
  2. Eric B And Rakim – Paid in Full (Coldcuts 7 minutes of Madness mix)
  3. JVC Force – Strong Island
  4. Public Enemy – Public Enemy No1
  5. NWA – Straight Out Of Compton
  6. LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out
  7. Jurassic 5 – The Game
  8. Word Of Mouth – King Kut
  9. Digital Underground – Humpty Dance
  10. De La Soul – Eye Know
  11. West Street Mob – Break Dance
  12. Hijack – Badman Is Robbin
  13. Chemical Brothers – Chemical Beats
  14. Incredible Bongo Band – Bongolia
  15. Ultraviolet – Kites
  16. Art Of Mix – Art Of Mix
  17. Bizarre Inc – I’m Gonna Get You ( Tees Freeze Dub)
  18. Mr. Lee – Get Busy
  19. A Homeboy Hippy and a Funky Dread – Total Confusion
  20. Trackois – Motherfucker
  21. Fat Boy Slim – Everybody Needs A 303
  22. DJ Seduction – Hardcore Heaven
  23. Gus Gus – Purple (Sasha vs The Light Mix)
  24. Rhythm Invention – Cronoclasm
  25. Moonchild – Variations On a Theme (VOAT mix)
  26. Mombasa – Cry Freedom (Malawi Mix)

Download “Oldskool Mashup Mix 3” – Downloaded 1559 times – 176 MB

Comments Oldskool Mashup mix 3

Starting this mix is crazy hip hop and turntablist tune – Frontier Psychiatrist by the Australian group ‘The Avalanches’. This tune is remembered for its crazy use of random spoken word samples which are scratched and sampled throughout the track.

Most notable of these is the sample, ‘That boy needs therapy’, which is used as the main hook and chorus.

This mix then goes through some of my favourite old skool hop tunes before slowly picking up tempo and breaking into breakdance classic like ‘West Streets Mobs – Breakdance’ which was a massive hit on the Sugar Hill label.

The next tune following this is a UK Hip Hop classic by Hijack which has been sampled by god knows how many oldskool hardcore and classic house tunes, probably one of the most famous of these is ‘Rhythm For Reasons – Grand National’. This mix then progresses through some classic old skool anthems such as DJ Seductions – Hardcore Heaven.

The mix then switches moods and genres and flows into some of my favourite classic progressive tunes caned by likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Dave Seaman, etc.

The last tunes on this mix are two of my favourite progressive trance and house tracks – ‘Moonchild – Variations On a Theme’ which was one of the highlight tracks from the first Sasha And Digweed Renaissance album.

The other great classic progressive trance tune being ‘Mombasa’s – Cry Freedom’ with its clever use of an African singing sample and its beautiful piano melody. Added to this mix are various spoken word records that I’ve scratched over the mix.


Oldschool House Music Mix 10

  1. Tnt – Piano Please
  2. Kariya – Let Me Love You For Tonight (Dmc Mix)
  3. Bomb The Bass – Don’t Make Me Wait
  4. Sugar Bear – Don’t Scandalize Mine
  5. Massimo Alberti – Say It Again (F.P.I. Project Mix)
  6. Laura Palmer Featuring Twin Peaks’ Killer – In The Mix (Twin Peaks) (Leo Piano Version)
  7. Funky Worm – Hustle (To The Music Prestdora Mix)
  8. D:Ream – U R The Best Thing (Sasha Full Mix)
  9. Asha – Jj Tribute (Space Mix)
  10. Orbital – Chime
  11. Electronic – Getting Away With It
  12. Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon
  13. Part-E – Give Me Your Love
  14. Leftfield, Lydon – Open Up (Full Vocal Mix)
  15. Love Revolution – Give It To Me baby
  16. Art Of Trance – Madagascar
  17. Atlantis- Fiji (Lange Alt remix)

Download “Oldskool Mix 10 MP3” DJ_Kippax_-_Oldskool_Mix_10.mp3 – Downloaded 11123 times – 182 MB

Download “Oldskool Mix 10 FLAC” DJ_Kippax_-_Oldskool_Mix_10.flac – Downloaded 1035 times – 555 MB

13 OldSkool Floorfillers – DJ Mix 9

  1. Crescendo – Are You Out There
  2. Moseph Cat – My Children
  3. Utah Saints – Something Good (DMC Mix)
  4. Decadance – Jump to it
  5. Dreamscape – I am the creator
  6. Dina Carol – Aint know man (BIR mix)
  7. Hyper Go Go – Never let go
  8. Shades Of Rhythm – Extacy
  9. Clivillés & Cole – Keep It Coming (Brothers In Rhythm)
  10. Chic -Chic Mystique (The Taramasalata & Jam Dub, Brothers In Rhythm)
  11. Luvdub – Goodtime
  12. Hanna Jones – Young Hearts Run Free (Loveland Dub)
  13. Bedrock Feat Kyo – For What You Dream Of

Download “Oldskool House Mix 9 MP3” Dj_Kippax_-_Old_Skool_Mix_9.mp3 – Downloaded 2765 times – 171 MB

Download “Oldskool House Mix 9 FLAC” Dj_Kippax_- _Old_Skool_Mix_9.flac – Downloaded 738 times – 498 MB

Comments about Oldschool House mix 9

There are some absolute classic songs in this mix including the deleted classic ‘Crescendo – Are You Out There’ which has one of the best old skool house music drops there is.

Other great tracks include ‘Hyper-Go-Go – Never let Go’ which is one of my favorite tracks and arguably one of their best tracks.

Finishing the mix is the absolute old skool anthem ‘Bedrock – For What You Dream Off’.

15 Classic House Anthems – Oldskool Mix 8

  1. King Bee – Back by Dope Demand
  2. Young Mc – Know How
  3. Corina – Temptation
  4. M&M – I Feel This Way
  5. PP orange – My Feelings
  6. Asha – JJ Tribute (Primitive Mix)
  7. Utah Saints – Something Good
  8. FPI – Risky
  9. Expose – Tell Me Why
  10. Perrei Foldi – Moving Now
  11. Thirst – Enemy Within (Instrumental)
  12. High Society – High Society
  13. Opus 3 – Hand in Hand (Perfecto Mix)
  14. Grace – Not Over Yet
  15. Flipped Out – Everybody Is Somebody
  16. Moby – Move (Kid Paul Mix)

Download “Oldskool House Mix 8 MP3” DJ_Kippax_-_Old_Skool_Mix_8.mp3 – Downloaded 2849 times – 168 MB

Comments about Oldschool House mix 8

Sixteen more classic house tracks crafted together in a 75 minute DJ Mix.

All the scratching and cuts have been performed by DJ Kippax.

The mp3 download links for this mix can be found just above.

Alternative you can stream this DJ mix using the media player as well.

Old Skool hip hop classic ‘King Bee – Back by Dope Demand‘ is the starter track for this mix.

Following this track is ‘Young MC’s – Know How‘, another hip hop anthem which graced the dancefloors of the early 90’s clubs and raves.

Did you know that King Bee’s primary sample is lifted from ‘Herbie Hancocks – Wiggle Wiggle’.

Young MC’s tune lifts its main sample from another funk tune namely the theme from ShaftFantastic

Italian piano house tunes like ‘Asha – JJ Tribute’ and ‘Perrei Foldi – Moving Now’ are also featured in this mix.

Other tunes worth mentioning are tracks like the extremely rare ‘High Society’s – High Society’.

Even the bootleg of this tune is very hard to come by and still fetches good money today.

15 OldSkool Rave Tunes : Oldschool House Mix 7

  1. PKA – Temperature Rising
  2. PKA – Let me hear you say yeah
  3. High Givers – Love and Money
  4. DJ H feat Steffy – Think About It (12″ Mix)
  5. TC 1992 – Funky Guitar (FPI Funky Dub)
  6. Mother – All Funked Up
  7. Vision Masters Feat Kylie – Keep On Pumping
  8. Neon Light Feat Fonda Ray – Keep On Dancing (Pumping Mix)
  9. Love Decade – Feel You (Naked Mix)
  10. Ultraviolet – I wish that (Radical Mix)
  11. Malcolm McLaren – Magic’s Back (Theme From the ghost of Oxford St) (House Mix)
  12. The Brothers Luv Dubs – The Mighty Ming
  13. Joy for Joyce – Baby Baby (Club Version)
  14. Staxx – Joy
  15. River Ocean – Love And Happiness (The Delorme Club For Life Mix)

Download “Oldskool House Mix 7 MP3” DJ_Kippax_-_Old_Skool_Mix_7.mp3 – Downloaded 2881 times – 168 MB

Comments about Oldskool mix 7

There are some big old school tracks on this mix as well as some rarities.

The Italian house classic ‘Joy for Joyce – Babe Babe’ features on this mix as well other big tunes like ‘Staxx – Joy’.

Rarer dance tune includes tracks like ‘Vision Masters – Keeping On Pumping’ which was made by a dance group which originated from my home town, Burnley, In Lancashire.

One of my favorite tracks on this mix has to be ‘TC 1992 – Funky Guitar (FPI Funky Dub)’ which has one of the best bass drops ever and sound fanatic on a loud sound system.

Another track worth a mention is the remix of ‘River Ocean – Love And Happiness (The Delorme Club For Life Mix)’, this version of the track is very rare and can only be found on the DMC record label. Its still a sought after track even today and can still fetch a high price.

This DJ mix is approx 140 megabytes in size recorded in 320k/bits mp3 using latest Lame 3.98 mp3 codec.

18 Classic House Tunes: Oldskool Mix 6

  1. White Lines – Grandmaster Flash
  2. Right Before My Eyes – Patti Day
  3. In Spirt – Dilemma
  4. Risky – FPI Project
  5. Nasty Rhythm – Creative Thieves
  6. House From Around The World – Meeting Place
  7. Same Sun Same Sky – Tony Moran
  8. Better Days (Sasha’s DMC Mix) – Jimi Polo;
  9. Moving On – Techno Age
  10. Peace & Harmony – Brothers In Rhythm
  11. Viva House – Me & Jack
  12. Wildstyle – Paninaro
  13. Motherfucker – Trackos
  14. Closer To All Your Dreams – Rhythm Quest
  15. As If By Magic – Strobe
  16. DJ’s Unite – DJ’s Unite
  17. Faith Passion – Adam & Eve
  18. Extreme Theme – 2 Extreme

Download “Oldskool House Mix 6 MP3” DJ_Kippax_-_Old_Skool_Mix_6.mp3 – Downloaded 1302 times – 145 MB

Comments about Oldschool House mix 6

18 lovely old school and classic house track blended together to create on mighty fine DJ Mix.

This mix starts with infamous old skool hip hop classic ‘White Lines by Grandmaster Flash’.

Other big tunes in this mix are ‘FPI Project – Risky’ which needs no introductions and ‘Brothers In Rhythm -Peace & Harmony’.

Lesser known but quality dance tunes include ‘Same Sun Same Sky by Tony Moran’ which is a tune you don’t really hear much these days. Personally I think the tune has a cracking vocal and is very underrated.

The tune did quite well when it come out and made an appearance on the second Renaissance album mixed by DJ John Digweed.

Other belting tune include the early progressive classic ‘Dilemma – In Spirit’ which is easily recognizable through its vocal hook. This is one of my all time favorite tracks.

Ending this DJ Mix is the rare ‘2 Extreme – Extreme Theme’ which was made by two sixteen-year-old in their fathers home studio. This is a belting breakbeat piano track with some really good piano melody’s.

This was a big tune back in the day and was another track I never managed to get my hands on till a few years ago.

17 OldSkool Floorfillers : Oldskool House DJ Mix 5


Bug Khan & The Plastic Jam – Made in Two Minutes
Marradonna – Out Of My Head
49’ers – Touch Me
Denise Lopez – Don’t you want to be mine
SLD – Getting Out
Paradise – Can you hear me
Photon Inc – Generate Power (wild pitch mix)
DeLacy – Hideaway
Alcatraz – Give me Love
More Kante – Yeke Yeke
Outlander – Vamp
Altern8 – Infiltrate 202
E-Lustrious – Giving you no rest
Q bass – Dancing People (E type Rmx)
Quench – Dreams
Urban Shakedown – Some Justice
Johnny L – Hurt you So (the L Mix)

Download “Oldskool House Mix 5 MP3” Dj_Kippax_-_Old_School_Mix_5.mp3 – Downloaded 1333 times – 175 MB

20 OldSkool Rave Tunes – Oldschool House Mix 4

  1. Pump Up The Volume – M.A.R.R.S
  2. Intoxication – React To Rhythm
  3. What Can You Do For Me – Utah Saints
  4. Rhythm Is A Mystery – K-Klass
  5. Not Forgotton – Leftfield
  6. The Tape – B Sides
  7. Sweet and Bitter – 6 Bells and All
  8. Me The Mail Man – 6 Bells and All
  9. Energy Flash – Beltram
  10. Is There Anybody Out There – Bassheads
  11. I Know – New Atlantic
  12. Such A Feeling – Bizzare Inc
  13. Liberation 2 – Liberation
  14. Anthem – N-Joi
  15. 2 Bad Mice – 2 Bad Mice
  16. Express Yourself – Franschene
  17. Papa New Guinea – Future Sound Of London
  18. Ajare – Way Out West
  19. Playing With Knives (Quadrent Mix) – Bizzare Inc
  20. Activ8 (Holocaust Mix) – Altern 8

Download “Oldskool House Mix 4 MP3” DJ_Kippax_-_Old_Skool_Mix_4.mp3 – Downloaded 1205 times – 141 MB


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  1. Great site you have set up here mate. And great choice in tunes. Nothing better than hearing a forgotten gem. keep up the good work

    • Thanks for the comment.
      Did I hear you right? You’ve put these on chrome tapes? That’s media type I havn’t heard (or used) in a few decades. I think i still have my old Yamaha tape deck somewhere. That thing used to rock with chrome tapes. And don’t forget dolby-s too.
      Take care

  2. Downloaded one of your mixes last night, and have been listening to it constantly since then. I really like how you have veered away from incorporating the usual old skool anthems

  3. Every mix is brilliant. top scratching, ace tunes and I’m now waiting anxiously for a new mix to be delivered. Keep up the mint work

  4. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I subscribed…but, when your mixes arrived and I heard the first one, my jaw hit the floor! Every single mix is absolutely fan-fricken-tastic! Thank you SO much for sharing your work and giving me some top quality music mixes to listen to, reminisce on and go running with.
    Keep up the awesome job.
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    • Wow! I think that’s the nicest comment I’ve had about my site and mixes. Thanks. I mean really – thanks a lot. You’ve made my day. Hope you come back for some more, when I finally get another couple done. All the best. James

  5. Brought back some cracking memories…. Top bangin choonz… From all genres… Thanks for that… It brought them mad rushes back from days gone by… And it’s like 8am…headphones on full blast… Nice one Kippax…. Made iday…. Thanks & much respect to ya

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