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DJ Kippax Live on RejuvRadio – 31.10.14

Live radio recording from my weekly Oldschool show, every Friday night 6-8 pm on If you like a good old school mix with some good scratching download this mix.

Here’s the mp3 download link and the media player

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ScratchTastic Oldskool Radio Show – DJ Kippax Live on RejuvRadio – 31.10.14 by Dj_Kippax on Mixcloud


  1. Sultana – Tea Amo
  2. Takio – Echo Drop
  3. Chase – Kiss Me
  4. Ralphi Rossaro – You used to hold me
  5. Meeting Place – House from around the world
  6. Mombassa – Cry Freedom
  7. Neon Light – Keep on Dancing
  8. FPI Project – Everybody around the world
  9. Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm (Vocal Battle Mix)
  10. Riche Rich – Salsa House
  11. Chic – Mystique
  12. Orbital – Chime
  13. 4 for the money – It’s a moment in time
  14. Ken Doh – I need a lover
  15. SLD – Effects
  16. TC1992 – Funky Guitar (Dub mix)
  17. Funky Green Dogs – Fired Up
  18. Havanna – Ethnic Prayer
  19. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke
  20. Prodigy – Breathe
  21. Cleptomanics – Posative Feedback
  22. Higherstate – I get High
  23. Adam & Eve – Faith Passion
  24. Soundstation – Peace and Joy
  25. Da Fool – Meet him at the blue oyster bar
  26. DJ Tim – Access
  27. Egyptian Empire – Horn Track

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