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Oldskool Mix 10 (17 Piano House Classics) Scratching by DJ Kippax

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Tracklisting for Oldskool Mix 10:

  1. Tnt – Piano Please
  2. Kariya – Let Me Love You For Tonight (Dmc Mix)
  3. Bomb The Bass – Don’t Make Me Wait
  4. Sugar Bear – Don’t Scandalize Mine
  5. Massimo Alberti – Say It Again (F.P.I. Project Mix)
  6. Laura Palmer Featuring Twin Peaks’ Killer – In The Mix (Twin Peaks) (Leo Piano Version)
  7. Funky Worm – Hustle (To The Music Prestdora Mix)
  8. D:Ream – U R The Best Thing (Sasha Full Mix)
  9. Asha – Jj Tribute (Space Mix)
  10. Orbital – Chime
  11. Electronic – Getting Away With It
  12. Meat Beat Manifesto – Radio Babylon
  13. Part-E – Give Me Your Love
  14. Leftfield, Lydon – Open Up (Full Vocal Mix)
  15. Love Revolution – Give It To Me baby
  16. Art Of Trance – Madagascar
  17. Atlantis- Fiji(Lange Alt remix)

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Download the mp3 File size approx 181mb file
Download the FLAC version File size approx 555mb file

What bits of this mix did you like or hate. Share your thoughts and feedback below. Comments are always appreciated:)

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Lydia says 18/11/2015

downloaded this mix last night, and have been listening to it constantly since then. I really like how you have veered away from incorporating the usual old skool anthems ( ie jinny always seems to make an appeance – a tune i hated at the time and still dont like ) . There are also tunes i have not heard before either and i think this is brilliant you have included them 🙂
The only niggles i have are the using an alternative mix of asha but its only a niggle because i love the original so much (and i never tire hearing it) . Thank you for giving me some piano heaven pleasure 🙂

    DJ Kippax says 18/11/2015

    Thanks Lydia;)
    I’m glad you like the mix and thank you for leaving a comment. It’s always appreciated:)

    My aim with my oldskool mix series is never to repeat a track twice. I played the original of ‘Asha – JJ tribute’ on mix 8, so if you are after a mix with that track in, please feel free to download it.

    I like how you’ve noticed that I’ve veered away from the big anthems you often hear. It’s too easy to make a mix just using them, and there’s probably 1000’s of mixes like that already.

    I prefer to try and pick a wide range of tunes, years, and genres – and make a unique mix using them. I also try to stick a few b-sides in the mix (like the Italio version of Asha in this mix) as well. I still do play an anthem from time to time, but i try to stick a big tune in with a load of lesser known tracks. I think this keeps my mixes sounding fresh.

    Thing is, if you think of all the good tracks released between 86-98 (and there was some good tracks in those later years). And you include the faster hip hop that got played back in the day – like Young MC, White Lines, etc – and techno, and good trance music. You are probably talking about millions of tracks. When you take that into consideration i find it piss poor that you tend to hear the same bloody big tunes being cained in mixes and at nights. There’s a lot of good music out there that rarely gets played, and that’s something i want to try and address with this series of mixes.

    I could make 100’s of these mixes and still not scratch the surface. And that’s what i’m planning to do over the next few years with this series. Anyway rant over now…lol:)

    If you havn’t already make sure you join my mailing list. That way i can email you when i’ve uploaded a new mix.



Lydia says 19/11/2015

Hi James

Completely agree with your thoughts on the same tunes being played over , and over again. It gets boring listening to the same big anthems constantly which is why usually i only ever listen to a mix maybe once or twice then it gets forgotten about ( and deleted off the ipod) – Your mix has been on repeat since i downloaded it, and the more i listen to the mix, the more i like it – d:dream – another tune i am not overly fussed on but i like the different mix you used and i am enjoying it hearing it, and then you included the more “poppy” sounding track – (electronica? I think) – sounds like new order/pet shop boys mashed up. It breaks up the mix and then you go back into the old rave sound.
I am familiar with about 9 of the tunes you included , and whilst its nice to hear them again (especially the leftfield track ) – I am more keen to hear the tunes i dont know..and i thought i had a pretty good overall knowledge of piano house/ old skool tunes ( been a fan for some 20 odd years , and listen to a variety of genres ) so yea, it was a pleasant surprise when i discovered some new tracks that made me smile 🙂
I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with next ( i have been subscribed for a while now – at least 2 years or so)

    DJ Kippax says 22/11/2015

    Hi Lydia

    Thanks for the feedback, it really means a lot.

    Electronic – Getting Away with it is a classic that never gets much attention. I hear that track more on BBC Radio 2 & 6 music more than anywhere else. I’ve never heard anyone putting in a mix, nevermind playing at night out. The track isn’t a mashup, it was a collaboration of real big names. You were correct in your ID of them – it was New Order, and Pet Shop Boys. Also, Johnny Marr was also involved. It was originally released in 1989, so it’s as oldskool as anything else. You can find more details about it here: Electronic – Discogs
    That version of D:Ream is really good. I was never a big fan of the original, but i think it rocks. It’s the piano breakdown near the end which does it for me. Really uplifting. Again, this is another great track that doesn’t get played enough.
    The same goes for Leftfields – Open Up. It’s a belter of track that i still think sounds great today. I don’t think it’s aged much. I think one reason for this tune not getting played much was the way it was released back in the 90’s. For ages the only way you could get hold of this track on vinyl was to buy Leftism. If you play the version on the album it slows down at the end, making it impossible to mix. I can imagine this made it unpopular to mix with DJ’s back in the day. However, the single version (which I bought a few years back, and is the one on the mix) is a straight tempo throughout the track, making it mixable. The bad thing was that they never re-released the single after 1993, so unless you bought it then, you were unlikely to be able to play the version that was easy to mix. That was until it became easier to get rare tracks once the internet came of age.
    Hope you enjoyed your history lesson. Ha ha ha.
    I love talking about old tunes though. Everyone of these has good memories attached to them:)
    Cheers again for the comment, and I’ll try and get another one of these mixes uploaded in December.
    Ta for now

Chris Bombroffe says 06/03/2017

Think its great having some of my record collection played and downloaded. Once a dj it just great having these sounds of when i was a teenager young as 13 when i started out. Heres to memorys

    DJ Kippax says 09/03/2017

    Thanks for positive comments. And glad I brought back some happy memories:)

Rob says 19/05/2017

Thank you for the tunes. I searched all the torrents for some oldskool piano tunes, they were all disappointing untill I stumbled in here. “What a great find”, I’m loving them all, “well I was” untill Misses had me turn them off for Emmerdale lol. Thanks again, I’ll be sharing on fb.

    DJ Kippax says 21/05/2017

    Hi Rob, I’m glad you like my mixes and site. And I’m glad they didn’t disappoint you like the torrents you find. Anyway I hope you keeping coming back and checking them out, even if you can’t do it when Emmerdales on:)
    If you havn’t done it all ready, join my mailing list. I can let you know when I’ve uploaded a new mix and you get a big 5 gigbyte folder containing all my mixes and radio shows. There’s quite a bit of oldskool goodness in that collection.

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