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93-98 Jungle Mix 1 MP3

Mixed and scratched by turntablist – DJ Kippax. 18 classic jungle tracks from a range of years; from 1993-1998. You can download this DJ mix as either an mp3 or stream it via this websites media player.

For the audiofiles out there, I’ve even included a FLAC download of this jungle mix. The down for this is at the bottom of the page below near tracklisting.

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Jungle Mix Download  Links

Click here to download MP3 Jungle Mix 1
Click here to download FLAC Jungle Mix 1

The FLAC version of this mix is 500mb in file size and won’t play on itunes. You’ll need a decent media player to use it with, like mediamonkey, or Foobar 2000. It does sound a little bit better though.

Tracklisting for Jungle Mix 1

  1. Jo – R type
  2. Wax Doctor – Logical Progression
  3. Back 2 Basics – Horns 4 94
  4. Danny Breaks – Volume 1
  5. Pigbag & Vibes – Combination Encounter
  6. DJ Nut Nut + Pure Science – The Rumble (Boom Shaka Mix)
  7. DJ Solo – Darkage
  8. DJ Pulse – Stay Calm (Bounty Killaz Remix)
  9. Rude & Deadly – Mash Dem Down
  10. Slipmatt – Breaking Free
  11. Leviticus – The Burial
  12. Family of Intelligence – Champion of Champions
  13. Congo Natty feat. Top Cat – Original Ses (Police In Helicopter)
  14. Leviticus Feat. Jr Tucker – Warning
  15. DJ Hype – Peace, Love And Unity
  16. Technical Itch – The Dreamer
  17. Deep Blue – The Helicopter Tune
  18. Bukem & The Peshay – 19.5

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Jim says 09/09/2015

We ave chatted b4 james,will check it out 2nite..
Got 2 people always looking out for a new name.
Respect bredwin,keep on keeping mate,
Chem J Prod# Hooligan69 (jim)

    DJ Kippax says 09/09/2015

    Good to hear from you again Jim mate. Cheers for the email. Im going to follow up your recommendations ASAP.

TERRY aka DJ EFFECT says 13/03/2016

Excellent site James nice to see someone with passion and great skills!!A really professional site and mixes big respect to you mate!!!

TERRY aka DJ EFFECT says 13/03/2016

Fantastic site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DJ Kippax says 14/03/2016

    Thanks Terry. glad you like my website and my music. If you havn’t done it already, you should consider joining my mailing list. That way I’ll be able to email you when I’ve uploaded anything new

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