Do you like free Oldschool Rave Mixes with damn good scratching in them?

Do you like funky oldskool hip hop mixes with music from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s – the golden era of hip hop?

Do you like funk and breakbeat DJ Mixes?

Do you like a mashups mix with good tunes in? Mashups with no cheesy shit in them.

Then you’ll like my DJ Mixes. Below is a brief video showing you the type of scratching you get when you download a FREE mix from this site.

Pretty good ain’t I.

My names James Kippax and i’m the creator of this site.

Im a UK-based DJ, producer, scratch dj/turntablist who has a love of old house music, acid house, breakbeat, old skool hip hop & funk. I love putting mixes together and sharing them on here.

This site has been put together to showcase some of my work and it allows me to share mixes, productions, and the things I enjoy. I love playing around with music and technology and try to combine the two to produce some unique things.

People seem to like what i’m doing so I must be doing something right.

The mixes and tracks on this site are all free to download.

Please feel free to share them, copy them, do whatever you like with them, but just please make sure you keep my name attached to them.

For booking and inquires please feel free to hit me up via the contact us page or grab me via my facebookgoogle+, or twitter.

PS: If you like my work and want to be updated when there’s a new mix for download, please join my mailing list (box at the right of the page). I send one or two emails per month at the most. I won’t spam you with shit, I only send something out when I make something new. 

All the best

DJ Kippax

Outside of DJ’ing I’m a farmer by day, and a Muay Thai practitioner in the evenings. I also like to write about this stuff. You can find more of my work using the links below:

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