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Below is a video of me in action. This gives you an idea of the quality of scratching that goes into my DJ Mixes.




Here are a few of the ace things people are saying about my scratchtastic mixes on this website:

  • “There isnt much these days musically that makes me as happy as this 75 minutes made me”. – Chris
  • “Every mix is brilliant. top scratching, ace tunes and I’m now waiting anxiously for a new mix to be delivered. Keep up the mint work” – Martin
  • “Nice to see someone with passion about all styles of old skool & is will to share (even track listings) & for free.” – Jim
  • “Great site you have set up here mate. And great choice in tunes. Nothing better than hearing a forgotten gem. keep up the good work” – Mike
  • “Downloaded this mix last night, and have been listening to it constantly since then. I really like how you have veered away from incorporating the usual old skool anthems” – Lydia
  • “Just Ace ! love the mixes” – Ian

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PS: All 40 of the mixes on this website are free to download or stream. You don’t need to sign up to get any them

About DJ Kippax


My names James Kippax and I’m a scratch DJ/Turntablist with a love of good music. I mix and scratch anything including oldskool rave, classic 90’s hip hop, and other bleeps and electronic stuff. This website contains my work (around 40 dj mixes) and they’re all free to stream or download

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